Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Teach your children rant

So I haven't had time to actually blog yet because of school, so I'll just rant a little and then probably do a real post when I have the time.

Teach your children to garden!
         I am amazed at the number of people who have children but who don't involve them in the gardening process.  Why?  Some say it's too hard, some say it take too much time, and others say they'll wait until the kids are older.  I actively engage my two year old in gardening and it has been both fun and rewarding.  At the beginning of the season, my son having just turned two, was busy tromping through the raised beds like Godzilla attacking Tokyo.  I admit it did take some time and repeated efforts, but it doesn't take as much time as one would think.  If I am outside working on the garden then my son Bugaboo wants to be right there with me.  I simply state what I am doing as I'm doing it and he not only learns about gardening but about how plants work.  It was hard at first because I would start to pull up weeds and he would try to help but ended up pulling up plants I wanted.
       I've heard people say that is why they'll just wait until their kids are older.  Well after a lot of "No, those are good plants!" he will ask me before pulling something, "Daddy... good plant or bad plant?"  Do you know how happy that makes me as a parent to hear my son say, "Daddy, help pull weeds?"  And not just because of the whole free labor part of the deal; I just don't know very many people who can say their kids not only LIKE but VOLUNTEER to pull weeds.
    I compare this to my son's friends who I assume have not had extensive experience with plants and who are all older than he is.  One of them started performing what appeared to be some form of riverdance on the sunchokes; which wasn't a big deal because you could drop an atomic bomb on sunchokes and they'd still come back.  Another one grabbed a rake one time and proceeded to level out some newly sprouted radishes.  While I generally accept charity work, if someone doesn't have the proper permits and fees paid for then they cannot rake my garden.  Some of his other friends are terrified of worms and act like they are the bubonic plague.  Perhaps this is just a personality thing, I certainly don't like to cuddle with spiders.  But the first thing out of my son's mouth when we go outside is, "Daddy find me a worm!" 
    Here's a conversation with a neighbor girl, who is almost 12, who came up to my son and I when we were
picking peas. 
    "Oh... what pretty flowers!  I didn't know peas had flowers!" confused girl said.
    "Um... that's where the peas come from." I replied a little confused at why she didn't know this.
    "What?" she asked with a dumbfounded look.
    "All fruit and vegetables come from flowers," I said slowly.  This is untrue of course as leaf and root
crops do not, but I was trying to be as simple as possible without blowing her mind with extra details.
    "All flowers make vegetables?" she said with a look as if I just talked to her about my theories on lambda
    "No..." I tried to think quickly to explain something that in my opinion should have been taught years ago
by her parents. I had to teach my son early on because he thought flowers were pretty and wanted to pick them.  I had to teach him that flowers turned into food for us so he had to leave them alone.  Then I proceeded to show her different stages of the flower-to-pea transformation.  In the end she simply ended the conversation with a "Wow!" and walked off. 
    I'm not saying you need to teach your kids all about the reproductive ways of plants, but come on!  Do
vegetables and fruit magically appear at the store?  The good thing is it is never too late to teach your kids. 
And never too early. Also remember to tell them that fruit comes from trees not from fruit loops.


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  2. Great rant, and so true! Get your kids in the dirt and get their hands dirty!

  3. Very good post! I can't wait to involve our kids with the garden!

    I know this last issue of Mothering had a few articles about gardening with your children, it was great :) I think i shared the digital version with Krista, but if not, go to the library and check it out :) It made me think you you guys.

  4. Jay asked "what about fruity pebbles???" :D

    And he said he didn't know about the sunchokes since river dance is PRETTY intense :D

    Gotta love that guy and his comments :)